Bilum Bags for Your Fashion Needs

Handmade items are beautiful. They come up with a design that attracts the eye. One of the best handmade items in Papua New Guinea is the bilum bag. These are bags that have been made from natural strings. By beauty in the bilum bags defines the beauty of those who make them. Most of the women are empowered and are so much involved in making the bags. Learning this skills is a thing to behold. With the changing times and the depletion of the local trees, bilum bags are nowadays made from imported yarn.

How Bilum bags are made

The bags in the current times are being made from wool based yarns. These come in different colours that help come up with the beautiful patterns. PNG bilum bags are made in different sizes to suit your needs. The bags can be carried by all sexes. The bags can be carried in several different ways. They can be hung on the shoulders especially for men who want to multitask their hands with other tasks. Women carry them across their hands and their slings are therefore shorthanded. This helps them carry more loads at a time.

bilums from papua new guinea

Benefits of PNG bilum bags

Good for carrying your items

The bilum bags provide a good housing to whatever you want to carry. They handle a wide range of commodities thus reducing the workload. Some of the items can spill over if carried one by one. Other items can get destroyed and the bags are thus the best carrier option. Kids too can use them to school to carry books and food.

Job creation

Making of bilum bags creates job opportunities for those who are involved. This ranges from those selling the raw materials to those who make the bags and the ones in the marketing as well. This helps people to win their daily bread for their families and thus eradication the number of beggars and drug abuse due to the presence of idle minds.

They are long lasting

The skills that are put in making the PNG bags are expertise. This increases their lifespan and is thus economic friendly. They can be used for different purposes depending on the size that you want. They can be washed rather than disposing of when they get dirty.
In conclusion, The PNG bilum bags are a good mark of the Papua New Guinea people identification. They have been of great importance to all the populations at large and a source of income to them. The trending increase in making bilum clothing including dresses and skirts are on the verge of expanding the bilum business.